About Yosefi Jewellery

In 1948 when our father was just 11 years old, his family fled the pogroms in Aden, a British Colony, for the safety of Israel.
After the army, he made use of his British passport and went to England where he trained in the family tradition as a jeweller and met our mother.
The name Yosefi sounded too ‘foreign’ in England, so he adjusted it to Joseph.
Starting with next to nothing, he created a successful jewellery manufacturing company, and later a specialized jewellery equipment store, in the heart of London’s jewellery district, Hatton Garden.
He brought his children into the family business, each specializing in different areas of the trade.
And here we are 71 years later, using our combined skills in a joint venture coming full circle - back to the streets where our father and his siblings played, using his real name and placing it in gold for all to see.
Welcome to Yosefi Jewellery.
30 Shalom Shabazi Street, Tel Aviv.
Creativity made with passion ❤️

About Ayalla

Jewellery and Diamonds are, and have always been an integral part of my life. As a fourth generation jeweller, some of my earliest memories are of me spending time with my father in his Hatton Garden workshop, fascinated by gold and fine gems, confounded by the attention to detail and seemingly endless patience required of his craft.

There was never any doubt that I would follow in his footsteps and in 1989 I became the youngest member of the Diamond Bourse in London. For over 25 years I trained and worked solely in the international diamond industry, supplying loose diamonds to some of the worlds finest jewellers.
My continuing love affair with jewellery has lead me to co-founding Yosefi Jewellery with my brother.

About Jonathan

Starting at 16 years old, I went straight from school into the family business. My first role was in our jewellery equipment store where I purchased the latest technologies and finest jewellery equipment and brought them to market in Hatton Garden.

From there I went on to hone my craft as a jeweller, learning every area of the manufacturing process. My skill sets include design and CAD model creation, precious metal casting, jewellery mounting, setting and polishing.

Moving to Israel and continuing the tradition, here with my sister, we are beginning a new chapter in our story, creating stunning items of jewellery for our clients to enjoy.